Even professionals make mistakes when they write. The chase for grammar and style nuances can prove overwhelming, even after you have mastered the basics. In those cases, Grammarly, which identifies itself as a writing assistant, can help. Using this app for writers and can create stylistic changes in real-time and grammar corrections. Grammarly is an excellent tool for many platforms. Even its paid subscriptions are expensive and do not work offline.


The cost of Grammarly is $29.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter, or $139.95 per year. Grammarly offers discounts on its subscriptions, so this price may seem high.
The free version of Grammarly includes a personal assistant for a grammar with a plagiarism checker.

A limited version of Grammarly is free and reviews for critical spelling and grammar errors.

Grammarly’s Business plan costs $15 per member monthly and billed.
There are different native clients for iOS and Windows. Grammarly also has browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge. It also has addons for Microsoft Office (now available for both Mac and Windows users).

You can also use Grammarly on your iOS and Android mobile devices through its keyboard app.

Grammarly also supports Google Docs and Medium. I discuss in a later section how Google Docs integration recently got enhanced.
The Chrome Extension needs to use Google Docs with Grammarly.
As an Apple user, I like Grammarly to added to their iWork Suite. For Linux users, I’d like LibreOffice or OpenOffice.


Using grammarly.com, you can compare your writing to their database of content and style errors and anonymous user data. Grammarly must connect to the internet to operate using its real-time model.

When you use Grammarly, you will receive an outlining of critical errors in red (grammar, spelling, and style). And advanced errors in other colours (styles and best practices). These latter capabilities,butr, reserved for premium users.

By hovering over any word, you can find the complete detail of that word error.
You used sample sentences to illustrate mistakes in the descriptions with clear language. Google Docs and Microsoft Word both have built-in grammar & spelling checkers, but it is not working better all the time.

I find that the error count added by Grammarly. At the end of every document is an effective way to see how much more editing I have left to do.

There are much potential security and privacy risks associated with software that monitors what you type. There is one vulnerability issue found in 2018 by Tavis Ormandy. According to Tavis, Grammarly has a “handle authentication token” issue in extension.

The Grammarly Editor was the only part of the vulnerable that could offer access to data. That resolved the issue shortly after the release.

Grammarly is handling all the response according to the analysis. So you should be cautious while interesting with software. Which can change your input.
Grammarly, for instance, equipped with a visual indicator that shows when it is analyzing your writing.

According to Grammarly sales person, they did not store any personal information. But still disable Grammarly, if it cannot access sensitive information such as legal pleadings.
The public can take part in Grammarly’s bug bounty program on HackerOne. This page contains information about the security practices employed by Grammarly. (Grammarly uses SSL/TLS 1.2 protocols for securing connections and AES-256 for data security).


I installed Grammarly’s desktop app on my Windows 10 machine with no trouble, and I could log into my account with no problem. I am fond of the side panel’s dark accents and minimalist icons; the app looks great. Text can either composed in an editor or imported from a pre-existing document.

Grammarly guarantees that it will only keep formatting from Word documents. It may include bold and italic fonts, list items, links, and headers. Tests have shown that it also contains the underlined text.

When you import a document, ensure that the text formatting (including paragraph spacing) preserved. As you edit in Grammarly, you will not see any formatting. But, once you export the document, the formatting will remain.

Now that Grammarly provides formatting tools such as bold, italic, underlining, headers, links, and lists (both numbered and bulleted), you can write right in the app. You might be better off writing in Word or Google Docs and then using Grammarly’s dedicated tools.

You can also choose between American, Australian, British, and Canadian writing language by clicking on the Profile icon within the desktop app.

The current version of Grammarly is available only in English, so it can’t supplement a language learning program outside of English-unless; of course, you are learning English. An example of this is on the right side of a document.

It contains a tab for spelling and grammar errors, a plagiarism checker, an option for human proofreading, and a total writing score that considers all factors. Writing scores assist you in getting a quick sense of your writing progress and how much revision has done.

Performance and Goals are two more features available. Upon importing a document, Grammarly’s goals kick in and guide the editing process. It could specify the intent of your message (inform, describe, convince, set a scene), your audience, your style, and your emotion, for example.

Besides Academic and Business writing, Premium members also have Creative writing options. You can view word count, vocabulary, performance, reading time, and readability metrics via performance pop up. According to the Flesch reading ease test, these metrics calculated by comparing Grammarly’s metrics with other Grammarly users. These additions allow Grammarly to be more valuable than a simple proofreading tool.

Grammarly’s premium users can also use a consistency check. By scanning your document for inconsistent spellings, abbreviations, times, or capitalizations, Grammarly offers to fix them. It can compare this feature to a find-and-replace function with automatic detection. Grammarly found these errors , advised on fixing them, and implemented the changes in a single step.

Using these three types of dates, I typed May 1 in three different ways: May 1, May 1, and May 1. This program recognized each variation and offered me the choice of converting the instance into one of three formats. But, the editor missed the fact that May 1 and 5/1 were equal, nor did it notice that 5/1/19, 5/1/2019, and 5/1 should standardize. Grammarly is a pretty useful app, and I hope it expands its detection capabilities in the future.


From creating email messages to taking notes on the web, Grammarly checks what you write in real-time. If an error made, the extension indicates it with an underline. It adds more information about the mistake by clicking on the underlined words. Note that Grammarly may insert code into the source text at the error spot if you work within a content management system. On such pages, you should turn off any inconsistent or unnecessary code.

Grammarly has updated its Google Docs platform to enhance the experience. Furthermore, Grammarly’sengagement, delivery suggestions, and clarity are now available beside the Set Goals. For Grammarly extensions for other browsers, you will only receive inline edits. If you use the Grammarly Chrome extension, you will receive these tools.

In Word and Outlook, the Microsoft Office Add-in appears as a menu panel. Among the issues, you can view are spelling, punctuation, and style errors in your document. Using Grammarly, mistakes displayed contextually within the form and in a sidebar window. We can find details of each correction by clicking the links. We tested both the Ctrl + Z shortcut and revision tracking in Grammarly. At the same time, the add-in was active, and both features functioned.


During testing, Grammarly seemed to come in handy quite often. Grammarly’s thorough checking could construe as encouraging laziness in writing. Nonetheless, some people may not learn much from the feedback it offers. While it caters to users who already know they need help, it’s also suitable for those who want to improve their writing.

Grammarly provides a way to highlight the most common errors you make so you can correct them going forward. The real-time editing sometimes distracted me when I tested Grammarly, so I disabled it to finish writing without interruptions. When revising your writing, you might find it more useful to use Grammarly as a last check for errors and inconsistencies.

Although I could hardly find any difference between Grammarly’s accessible version and the built-in spell, grammar, and style checker in Microsoft Office 2010, it was worth trying. Corrected the spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and convoluted phrases in both cases. These advanced grammar checks by Grammarly, which offer alternative words, contextual changes, and help you tidy up indelicate bits of grammar, are highly useful and effective.

Grammarly, for instance, won’t allow unnecessary commas in its sentences. Grammarly works across many parts of your workflow, which is another clear benefit.
Even Grammarly and Office sometimes offer incorrect suggestions, so it’s not wise to accept the changes without paying attention to them. There were a few places where it suggested I add an article that wasn’t necessary.

Still, some users may find it irritating not to have an “Accept all” button solely for rudimentary spacing and comma errors. In reality, Merriam Webster, AP, and Oxford regarded as grammar authorities. Sometimes disagree on simple grammar rules like capitalization and hyphenation.

According to Grammarly, I should capitalize kanban because “it appears that the term “kanban” may be a proper noun in this context,” regardless of Merriam Webster and Oxford’s recommendation.

Grammarly Insights is an email Grammarly sends each week that summarizes your writing activity. There was a lot of useful information on the page. Such as the three most common mistakes that I made and metrics most like what I see in the Insights tab on the desktop editor. Moreover, it provided cool statistics, such as the number of words it checked and the number of unique words I used.


iOS and Android devices can both use Grammarly’s keyboard app. Tested on an Android 10 Google Pixel, the app performed as expected. Grammarly’s keyboard corrects your grammar and spelling errors while you type. From composing long-form documents to writing emails, it is useful for all kinds of tasks.

The Settings menu offers light or dark themes, key borders, or the ability to toggle vibration, sound, and pop-ups when you press a key. We can adjust even the keyboard height on the screen. Grammarly’s app now supports swipe typing. There are no extras like web search and translation that allow you to access Google services, as Gboard does. Despite this, I find Grammarly’s clean design appealing and don’t think that feature parity should be the company’s goal. Users with more experience may disagree.

Grammarly automatically suggests and corrects your writing as you type. To recheck, hit the green Grammarly icon in the upper-left corner, or swipe through to accept the changes. You can explore Grammarly’s explanations of individual edits by tapping the card.

The fluidity of the editing process and the speed at which I can edit. If you pay for the full version, the keyboard suggestions are usually helpful and accurate, just like in the desktop app. While it has just as good an autocorrect for spelling as a standard keyboard, its capability to correct grammar is out of this world.

It’s pretty easy to customize the keyboard settings. Grammarly lets you change basic editing options also to its appearance and behaviour settings. Autocorrect and auto-capitalization can toggle, and you can choose your preferred language. It will recommend contact names as you type. There are also options for giving feedback, accessing the support portal, and switching accounts.


Grammarly’s greatest strength is how thorough it is in spelling, grammar, and style suggestions. Adding Grammarly to any writer’s workflow will improve their work and increase their efficiency.

Even though we still would like to see an offline mode, Grammarly 4.0’s has some new improvements, such as Google Docs and its launch on Macs, make it easier to recommend.


Windows AppYes
Android AppYes
Web APPYes
Library FeaturesNo
Collaboration FeaturesNo
Screenplay SupportNo
Markdown SupportNo


Grammarly is a great application to improve your writing skills. It has lots of premium features which can save you time and money. You can easily customise any types of content without grammatical error. It comes with a free and premium version. The free version is more than enuff to current your documents. But if you want advanced features, you can also go with the premium plan.

You can try Grammarly for a fee with a simple sign for a new account. If you want to try Grammarly’s premium account. You can try it by Grammarly’s Premium Cookies.

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