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Booknetic SAAS Nulled v2.7.7 WordPress Plugin

Booknetic SaaS Nulled is a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin, Which enables you to automate and customize your online booking website. Through simple booking forms and multiple payment gateway you can boost your customer service.

Booknetic SaaS Nulled comes with many advanced features like booking automation, creation of a custom base, Compresence reporting.

Features & Benefits of Booknetic SaaS Nulled

Booknetic SaaS is a very popular appointment scheduling WordPress plugin which comes with many great features. You can read below for more features and benefits.

Booking Automation

With the help of Booknetic WordPress Plugin, You can fully automate your online booking system in few clicks. This plugin has a capability to integrate multiple channels which results booking into holdings. It is very easy to book online appointments and sending notifications to them. And oncourse, you can save lots of time and cost by using this plugin.

Creation Of A Customer Base

Creation of a customer base for any appointment system is a very difficult task. But with the help of Booknetic WordPress Plugin you can also do it with the automation mode. This plugin automatically systemize your customer and securely save your all customers precious data. How long you will use this plugin, you can find more and more insights of your customers. Whenever you need your customer data, you can go with your database, set the filter and export your customer data into files.

Save Time & Cost

By using Booknetic SaaS WordPress plugin, You can save your most of time by reducing repetitive manual tasks. You can also reduce un-necessary paper works and focus on your recourses. Additional benefit is, after installing it, You will available to your customer 24×7 beyond to your working hours.

Comprehensive Reporting

With the use of best online appointment scheduling WordPress plugin, there is no more need to worry about the performance of your customer and reports. Booknetic Nulled provides you a full comprehensive report of your scheduled appointments. You can also filter your appointments and schedules according to your need.

Key Features of Booknetic SaaS Nulled WordPress Plugin

As, I previously mentioned you that Booknetic SaaS Nulled Plugin comes with the most advance features. You can find out more about it below-

Fully Customized Booking Widget

Booking Widget of any system is a first thing that can convert your leads into customer. We can say Booking widget is a first layer of the funnel.

The Booknetic’s user friendly UI/UX enable you to customize your booking widgets according to your business need and requirement. All the information in the Booknetic is categorized in different groups, and you are free to assign which data you need to record and which you need to leave.

Dedicated Admin Dashboard With Modern UX/UI

Booknetic WordPress plugin has its own backend panel for staff management and support. Without any coding you can easily manage your staff members as well as perform many administrative tasks here. The modern UX/UI make you SaaS feel under WordPress.

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Reporting Module

Booknetic SaaS Nulled has a advanced reporting module, which is also capable for multilayer filtering. So you can collect the data which you want. You can put different kind of filter according to the location, staff and serveries. That will help you to target your custom type of user according to your business.

Form Builder

Booknetic SaaS Nulled has its own drag and drop form builder. So it make easy to fill information which you need by your customers. There are no technical knowledge or coding skills are required to do this. So you can create n number of forms by drag and drop option. Hence you can also create different booking formats and schedule them according to your business need.

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