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Writing is a trendy way of making money online. There is a different kind of writing methods that are available to earn money. Content writing may be Copywriting, Institutional Writing or Content Writing. You can use any writing method to earn online or offline.

First, we should understand the difference between different types of Writing is.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a process where we have to explain the message in little words. We can understand it better by an example of an advertisement for any product. In the advertisement, we have to clear the message of the product in one or two lines. This kind of Writing is known as copywriting.

What is Institutional writing?

Institutional Writing is a process where we have to write for any institute data or educational purpose. Suppose you got work online or offline to write assignment for any school or college. That Writing called Institutional Writing.

What is Content Writing?

In content writing, we have to write about any given topic. It has no limitation of words. You can write any number of words article. This type of Writing is based on any topic. You have to elaborate on the topic in any number of words. Usually, bloggers use such kind of writing skill.

How can we earn through Writing?

Writing is an elementary skill that anyone can learn. It needs only practice. With the much practice you do, you will become perfect in it. You can use any writing to start earning. Here we will talk about some available online platform to do it quickly.

Elance.com: Elance is the biggest freelance website worldwide. This is free to join, and they allow you to present your skill in front of millions of buyer. First, you have to register here as a freelancer. The next step is to complete your profile and details. After that, you have to put your skills like a package that you offer to buyers. That’s it.

Every buyer post there project and requirements. If you think that that project is fit for you, then bid on it. If you qualify for the bid, you will get the work. So now you have to look for the project of content writing and bid on it. Remember, in starting; it is a little bit difficult to get work here. Because every buyer wants his work done perfectly, and they are looking for reviews. As you are a new member, you don’t have any review. As you get your first order and review, your chance to select for next time is increased to 70%. This is an excellent website to start your Writing. Hundreds of writing projects are updated daily here.

To become successful, you also need to keep in mind that you should finish your work at a given time with accuracy.

Freelancer.com: Freelancer is a similar website to Elance.com. Here the method is also the same to work. You can start this work the same as Elance. Here you can also bid on projects. This website is also available worldwide.

Fiverr.com: This website is trendy for freelancing. When Fiverr starts, they allow the seller to sell any service for 5$. After some time, the seller has an option to sell his service at his price. Here the bid is called a gig. So you can put any price of your gig. In Fiverr, you do not have any need to bid. Here the buyer will search for the seller and contact. After that, they will assign work to you. You can divide your service into the package like Basic, Premium. You can also charge the buyer for extra work.

Blogging: Blogging is very easy to make money online today.  In the above method, you will get paid as you finish the work. But in blogging, you need a petition. You can not say how many days you will start earning. There are many online free, and paid platforms are available. If you are a beginner, then you can start your blogging career with blogger.com. Blogger is a free product of Google.

You can start by writing some original, plagiarism-free article. Publish them to your blogger blog. Promote your blog and monetize it. To monetize, you can use ad networks like Google AdSense or affiliate links. If you want to learn more about blogging, you can read our article “Best method to start Blog and make money online.”


You can use your writing skill to earn online. Any skill needs polish. As you practice, you can do better. All of the above methods are personally tested and used. If you need any help with it, let me know in the comment box. I will create a complete guide for you. I am continuously updating new tested online earning ideas and method. Subscribe to our newsletter to get new earning opportunity directly to your inbox.

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