Is it possible to duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a single click?

This is the question. Many new bloggers are looking for it.

By creation a duplicate page, you can easily work with the new version without affecting the old version of your document.

This article will show you how you can duplicate a WordPress page or post easily without affecting any setting.

Why Duplicate any Post or Page in WordPress?

When you are working on a blog, you need to create a duplicate copy of the page or PostPost.

Support if there is a sales product article and you need to write an article for variation of those sales products.

You can do it by manually copy and paste to the blank article. Still, product images, SEO setting, Title, and metadata will not be copied.

It can be better if all the things happen automatically, without losing anything of your old PostPost.

In this way, you instantly start to work on the new article without losing any setting or data.

Let’s dive into how you can easily clone or duplicate a page /post with a single click.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer written, then go-ahead

Clone/Duplicate a WordPress post or page.

For this, you need to install a plugin named “Duplicate Post” from the plugin section of your WordPress admin area.

You can refer to our complete guide on how to install the WordPress plugin.

After installation, activate your Duplicate post plugin from the plugin section.

Navigate to Post>All Post option. You can see two new options available on the bottom side of every Post named “Clone | Duplicate.”

Click on it, and your PostPost will automatically be converted into the new draft post and open into WordPress editor.

Now you can start work on it. Follow the same process to clone pages.

I am personally using this plugin to do it, and believe me. It is working very well.

It can be very helpful to update old published posts as well as pages.

Configure Duplicate Post Plugin Settings

Duplicate post plugin by default supports the page or PostPost to duplicate.

You can also customize its custom post or pages, which means you can choose what to copy from the PostPost when you are performing it.

You need to do some setting for it. Just go to Setting>Duplicate post on your WordPress dashboard to configure the setting.

In setting page there are three tabs What to copy, Permissions and Display.

The first tab allows you to choose what to copy while you performing a duplicate page action.

In second tab you can choose the permission of users. By default Editor and Administrator can perform the duplicate page action.

If you need you can enable this permission for Revisor, Shop Manager, Author and Contributor as per your requirment.

If you are using custom post type in your blog then that post type also apper here. You can choose whether to disable or enable feature.

Third and last is Display tab where you can choose to display the links of the post. 

By default this is enable to disply links on the cloned post.

After customizing all setting, dont forgot to hit on save button on setting page.

Thats all, we hope now you can easily create a duplicate post or page on your site.

If you also facing some issue to duplicate page/post then let us know in comment box.

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