Do you want to start your own new blog, And still confusing to select the best blogging platform for you.

From last few years there are many blogging platform are introduced in blogging industry. That make quit difficult to choose the right platform for you. How can you choose the best blogging platform for you?

Here, In this article we will discuss the best available blogging platform with pros and cons. It will help you to choose the best suitable platform for your new blog or website.

Do you want to start your new blog, And still confusing to select the best blogging platform for you?

In the last few years, there are many blogging platforms introduced in the blogging industry. That makes it quite challenging to choose the right platform for you. How can you choose the best blogging platform for you?

Here, In this article, we will discuss the best available blogging platform with pros and cons. It will help you to choose the best suitable platform for your new blog or website.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

Before exploring the best blogging platform list, you should keep some basic things in your mind if you are a beginner.

The blogging platform you are choosing should be easy to set up and maintain. No coding knowledge required will add plus point to the best blogging platform.

You will also make an idea about the blog designing and niche. How will you have grown your blog for the most extended time writing?

As your blog got some traffic, you may need to change some appearance and add some features.

So the chosen blogging platform should be ready for easy future changes and upgradation.

Because if you choose to wrong blogging platform, It is complicated to migrate to another platform without losing your traffic and customer.

If you don’t mind monetizing your blog, It is also a more innovative way to do it in the future.

So keeping these things in mind, Let’s compare the best blogging platform.



WordPress is the most potent blogging CMS software. It was introduced in 2003 by Matthew Charles Mullenweg. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging platform. 

You can also use the “WordPress blog hosting service” or host WordPress independently on your hosting.

It is free to host on your hosting while run your blog using the WordPress blog hosting service on is subscription basis.

Note: You can compare Hosting plans and pricing here.

If you are going with an open-source solution, I mean to host your “WordPress CMS” on your hosting; it Is the best solution to take complete control of your blog. 

You will get unlimited customization and security option here.


  • Complete control of every element of your blog with an unlimited customization option.
  • Many free themes available in the WP marketplace help you create a stunning website with premade demo sites.
  • You can add multiple premium features like an online store, forums and paid membership option to make money online.
  • More than 58K+ free plugins are available on the WordPress marketplace, which helps you add some advanced features to your website. Plugins are like application which allow you to add features like contact form, SEO optimization, social sharing option and many more.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly CMS software. You can customize your post, tag and category URL as per your SEO optimization need.


  • You have to take care of your blog security and backup.
  • Managing your blog need some learning and technical knowledge.


This platform is free to use, but still, to run a blog, you need a domain name and hosting plan.

Usually, domain name prices vary according to your domain name. Typically domain prices are starts from $1.

For hosting, you can use any reliable hosting plan. It is recommended to use SSD hosting if you are starting your blog, and later you can upgrade it to cloud hosting.




Wix is a viral blog & website hosting platform. This website is offering an easy drag & drop option to create a website for small business.

They also offer the Wix blog app, which helps you add your blog section to your website.

Wix was introduced in 2006 to provide a platform where anyone can create a website without coding knowledge. Over 110M+ users are running their blog & website on Wix worldwide.


  • Easy drag & drop option to customize your blog, Zero coding knowledge required.
  • Setting up a website is very fast and easy
  • Dozens of readymade templates and apps available to design your website
  • Third-party app support to add multiple features


  • You can not change your selected template later.
  • In a free account, features are limited with Wix branding.
  • Ecommerce feature is limited to free users. You have to pay for it.
  • The third-party app also has a limitation.


Creating an account on Wix is free. With a free account, you will get a free subdomain name that looks like

You can also add your custom domain for $4.50/month. 

If you go with a premium plan, they will charge you approx. $8 to $25.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a website builder tool that works with AI technology. This website builder tool allows you to create a stunning business website, personal blog and ecommerce store with few clicks.

You can start designing your website from scratch with thousands of premade templates. 

Customization is quite simple with the drag & drop option. 

They also provide you with a custom stock image library of 55000+ free stock image with third-party tool integration.


  • Fast and easy setup of your account
  • Free SSL certificate for all paid plans
  • Easy drag & drop option available, means no technical knowledge requires
  • You can try it free for 60 days before buy.
  • No credit card needed to use the trial. 


  • Limited integration option for third-party apps
  • There are only a few third-party apps
  • Migration is very difficult from Constant Contact to another platform.


Constant Contact website builder provides you with a free trial of 60 days when you signup. You can create any business website, ecommerce store, or personal blog.

Benefits of the free SSL, Custom domain, and multiple third-party tools by upgrading it.

Account can be upgrade by $10 per month.

If you have a small business and don’t want to take care of the backup and host yourself, then Constant Contact website builder is the best tool for you.

Gator Website Builder


Gator is a very popular website builder introduced by HostGator. HostGator is a very popular hosting service provider company.

Using Gator Website builder, you can easily create a blog, business website or ecommerce store with a simple drag&drop option. 

Note: Don’t confuse between Gator and HostGator. Gator is a blog hosting platform where you can create a custom blog using the gator website builder tool.

While HostGator is a hosting service provider. You can host any blog like “WordPress” or any other open-source CRM platform.


  • Easy setup without technical knowledge
  • Free SSL and domain available on all plans
  • Simple drag&drop option to customize your blog
  • Website performance, Backup and all security handled by HostGator 
  • Blog can create with few clicks.


  • Ecommerce store option is only available in premium plans only
  • No free trial account open but the offer no question full money-back guarantee of 45 days
  • Extension and third-party apps are limited.


You can subscribe starter plan @ $3.46/month with free SSL and domain name.

If you want to go with this platform, let us know in the comment section. We are providing a 55% off coupon to Mysocialadda user.



Blogger is a free blog publishing platform offered by Google. You can easily create and customize your blog free of cost here.

Pyra Labs introduced blogger in 1999. After some time in 2003, a blogger acquired by Google. 

You will get the free subdomain (i.e. and free hosting.

There are dozens of free templates available to develop your blog. 

To start with a blogger, you need only one google account.

You can use your custom domain, and SSL is free provided by google.


  • Blogger is free to use.
  • Dozens of readymade templates are available to design blog
  • Google manages security and hosting
  • SEO friendly blog URL design


  • Very limited customization option and need some coding knowledge to customize it perfectly.
  • Blogger is not offering advanced features and frequently updates
  • Features and third-party tool integration is limited.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any point in time without any prior notice if found any illegal activity.


Blogger is free to use with its subdomain ( You can also use your custom domain name by purchasing it from any domain registrar. 



Medium is a growing community of journalists, writers and blogger. It was first introduced in 2012. Medium is a very simple blogging platform with social media features. 

Medium is almost like a social media networking site. 

By simple signup then completing your profile you can start.

You will get your profile domain name like

You cant use your custom domain.


  • You can easily reach with same interest online community 
  • You can easily set up your blog by creating an account on any social media account signup
  • There is no need of designing any website; focus on writing


  • You can’t monetize your blog and run customized ads
  • All your followers are based on Medium if you lose your blog, that means you lose your follower too
  • Custom domain is not supported, and instead of the custom domain, you will get a profile page like other social media profile.


The Medium is free to use which attract user to start there blog here but due to lack of features and monetization maximum blogger are moved to another platform.



Tumblr is a very popular microblogging platform that offers social networking features, reblogging and sharing options.

We can not form a dedicated blog here and also can not use a custom domain.

Tumblr is almost similar to Medium, excluding some features.


  • Very simple signup and setup process
  • Tumblr is free to use with a subdomain and also connect your blog with the custom domain.
  • No need for hosting and backup management.
  • As Tumblr is a microblogging platform, You can easily create your microblog with few clicks.


  • Few customization options for templates.
  • Limited features and plugins options
  • Migration from Tumblr to another blog is very difficult


There is no cost to use Tumblr for a lifetime. You can use your custom domain by purchasing it from any domain registrar.

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