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With the Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce plugin, you can change your default WooCommerce sales badges into something more aesthetically pleasing that will meet your store’s needs. The plugin includes presets for seasons and holidays, making it the perfect tool for all of your needs. You’ll find it easy to use with seamless integration into the WooCommerce interface.

Find the “sale badges” settings on WooCommerce > Settings > Sale Badges page to start displaying your sale badges. After a quick setup, you can have your store dynamically display discounts with varying designs. You can show discounts by percentage or amount saved, use preset designs and colors, increase the period that they are displayed, or even turn on a counter that stops counting down when the discount ends! Customize these badges for individual products too! 3 special badges are also included so you can have whatever



Instantly install the easiest setup ever!

Use Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce as an easy to install solution. New badges will automatically display on your storefront. Choose from 17 built-in presets, choose a color, set a location, and you’re ready to impress your customers with new Sales Badges. Enable single product override to show a different badge for each Sales product available in your store! Get unlimited combinations of a possibility with this simple installation.

Show your discount as a percentage, accumulate money your customers will save when buying a product on sale, and even display a timer below the discount badge to let your customer know how much time they have left before the sale ends. Your customer knows how much time they have left before the sale ends! You can set a different sale badges for each product by enabling single product override.

Override single product!

Start your sale by changing the badge on each product to spice up their look and match your new theme. Unlimited combinations and you can choose from a preset or even set it for each individual product! Make them stand out to your customers with Improved Sale Badges.

Special Badges!

Easy, stylish ways to enhance products in your store. Choose from 3 different options to make your items pop! Tags with additional information about products allow shoppers to learn more through descriptions and even videos. Different kinds of badges show the different statuses the product could be in like whether they are on sale or discontinued.

Translation is ready!

The easiest way to translate your WordPress website is with the free WordPress Multisite and WPML plugin. This plugin has everything you need, out of the box. No heavy programming skills or multi-language domain name required!

Works with any template! (Includes Sale Badge Actions)

We at Sale Badges for WooCommerce strive to work with any WordPress template that supports WooCommerce shops. If your theme doesn’t have the appropriate WooCommerce styling or the badge does not appear because it doesn’t adhere to the code, you can still insert them yourself.

Changelog: Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce – XforWooCommerce

See the full changelog here →

Badges and counters 4.4.1
WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility

Badges and counters 4.4.0
WooCommerce 5.6.0 compatibility
fixed ajax database injection vulnerability
Svx Admin 1.6.0

Badges and counters 4.0.4
update svx admin 1.3.7

Badges and counters 4.0.3
fixed out of stock badge is now firstly checked
fixed problems with switching presets and not remembering the set options
update svx admin 1.3.6

Badges and counters v4.0.2
update svx admin 1.3.5

Badges and counters v4.0.1
update svx admin 1.3.4

Badges and counters 4.0.0
BIG UPDATE! added multi badges support! now you can add unlimited number of badges to any product
added sale badge to the manager
added out of stock badge to the manager
WordPress 5.3 update
update svx admin 1.3.3

Badges and counters v3.6.2
WordPress 5.3 update
update svx admin 1.3.2

Badges and counters v3.6.1
WooCommerce 3.8.0 support
update svx admin 1.3.1

Badges and counters V3.6.0
added plugin license registration
fixed fatal error: class ‘XforWC_Improved_Badges_Frontend’ not found
update svx admin 1.3.0

Badges and counters 3.5.3
fixed update 3.5.2 admin styles not loading
update svx admin 1.2.2

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