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Rank Math Pro Nulled v3.0.10.1 – WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math Pro Nulled is a very popular on page SEO plugin for WordPress. SEO Plugin Rank Math Pro Nulled is highly recommended by the SEO professionals. Rank Math Pro has many features like sitemap, ranking tracker, SEO analytics and many more.

Rank Math Pro Nulled setup process is very simple. Just install the plugin and you will get the automatic wizard to setup your blog properly with the recommended settings. And is you are a Professionals and know all about the SEO then you can also choose the Advance setup mode. So that you can setup your blogs each and every aspects according to your need.

After setup Rank Math Pro Nulled you can find many addons to boost your website traffic and productivity. You can choose “image optimization” for you images. By enabling this feature you can automatically get the ALT attribute set for your images. and it will fully optimize your image according to search engine requirment.

If you are using a custom templates on your blog for creating your website more imperative and unique then Rank Math Pro Nulled also support your custom templets type of all SEO aspects. You have all the control over your content that search engine will index your content or not? and many more options you will get in setting.

Rank Math Pro Nulled also support Google Stories plugin. Everyone knows that how much Google Stories is impotent for instant traffic boost. But this can be happen when your Web stories are properly optimized for SEO. Because without SEO it is very difficult for any search engine to understand your content. Also for the intent that reflects the query of users.

So What Next? Let’s dive below to learn more about Rank Math Pro Nulled features and benefits.

What is Rank Math Pro Nulled?

Rank Math Pro Nulled is a simple WordPress plugin with advanced features. It works according to the recommendations of best practice. With the help of these recommendations any one can optimize content according to the best industry standard of web publishing.

It also support many different types of structured data that helps search engines to understand the many different factor of any content. To show search engine stretchered data it use Schema. which has all the information about your content and its type.

Rank Math Pro Nulled also supports integration with Google. So it will make easy to understand what king of suggestions we need in our content.

Another additional feature is AI based keyword suggestions. When you start writing you need to select a “Focus Keyword” on which the content is based. In new Rank Math Pro Nulled additional feature you can get AI based content suggestions, which depends on user interests.

rank math pro nulled
Rank Math Pro Features

What may Rank Math Pro Nulled be used for?

Rank Math Pro Nulled offers you all the tools that is required to run a fully SEO optimized blog/website. You can read below all the features offered by the Rank Math Pro Nulled

  • Rank Math Pro conduct the brief SEO analysis of your website with well known 30+ factors.
  • It will measure all your ranking and history of ranking along with top wining keywords.
  • Compatible with both editor Classic editor and Gutenberg editor.
  • 15+ built in module to setup your blog according to your need.
  • One click import setting from your previous blogs, so you don’t need to work on your previously published content.
  • Support 15 Schema Types so that you can win rich snippets features on your Google ranking.
Rank Math Pro Nulled Advanced Features

Predictions based on WordPress SEO

By Rank Math Pro Nulled you can save your lots of time by improving your content for better search engine understanding. There are hundreds of feature Rank Math Pro Nulled have that will make you fan of it.

#1 Simple Setup Wizard for Fast & Easy Setup

After installing Rank Math Pro Nulled there is no need to think how to configure it. Because it comes with the very simple setup wizard. That can set all aspects of your WordPress site with the recommended settings. These recommended settings follow the industry standards.

By using this step by step setup process you can optimize your blog for better performance as well as best performance too.

At the first step of setup it will ask you to choose mode of your setup process. Here you can choose EASY if you want to fast and recommended optimizations, But if you want to setup each and everything according to your customized need, then you can go with the ADVANCED setup process.

The second tab is YOUR SITE, where you can setup your website name which will showing in search engine search results as your homepage.

Third tab is SEARCH CONSOLE, where you can integrate your site with the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Adsense to measure your ranking, traffic and earnings.

Now, the forth tab is SITEMAP, where you can set the sitemap custom URL location, to help search engine to find your all content easily.

Next tab is OPTIMIZATION which is used for some optimization settings.

The next tab is BOOM!!!!

I mean your site is ready and completely optimized for better SEO and performance. Don’t worry if you want to do some custom settings for you site. You still go to Rank Math Pro Nulled setting and customize it according to your need.

#2. Clean User Interface with awesome features

rank math pro plugin interface

Rank Math Pro Nulled build to provide you the exact information you need for the SEO optimization. Here you can find two major factor tabs, SEO and Readability.

When you click on the any tab you can find the detailed information and suggestions that what you need to to and what things you are missed out.

By following these suggestions, you can optimize your content instantly.

There is a optimization score indicator which reflects how much your content is optimized for SEO. For good SEO score you need to achieve the 80+ score by following the suggestions.

Is it simple?

So, another additional feature is you can target multiple keywords at a single time. That mean you can target your single content for multiple keywords.

#3. Designed for maximum performance

rank math pro performance

Rank Math Pro Nulled is designed you to provide high performance at every aspects. Rank Math is continuously updating its versions and feature to make sure combability with all latest technology. In every plugin updates they are also trying to add features as well as performance.

So, be sure if you are using Rank Math SEO WordPress plugins for your blog, You website performance will be like a ROCKET🚀🚀🚀.

Tools You Need For Your All SEO Requirement

Rank Math Pro Nulled enriched with many SEO tests and tools which are very helpful for optimizing your content. Below you can find the all advanced tools which makes Rank Math so important.

  • SEO Analysis for to find all issue with your WordPress Site
  • Google Search Console integration for better ranking and position tracking.
  • Security Code and Privacy optimized.
  • Schema Markup for different type to Search Ranking Snippets.
  • Keyword Ranking and Position tracking with indexing status.

Changelog: Rank Math Premium Nulled – WordPress SEO Plugin

v3.0.10.1 April 7, 2022
Fixed: Hide frontend Analytics Stats when Google Search Console is not connected to the site

v3.0.10 April 7, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Introducing Stats Bar. Now, you can view Analytics stats on the frontend
Added: Option to search a keyword in the Rank Tracker
Fixed: Content length test was showing the wrong recommended number of words on WooCommerce/EDD Product pages on non-English sites
Fixed: Sitemap was showing an error on some setups when the Include Images from the ACF fields option was enabled
Fixed: Duplicate keywords were getting added in the Rack Tracker when the keyword case was different

v3.0.9 March 23, 2022
Added: [New!] SEO details in the Post column will now also show the Search Traffic & Search Impression data if the Analytics Module is on
Added: Mobile Usability Issues section in the Index Status report
Improved: "Activate the PRO version" notice was showing the invalid activation link on some setups
Fixed: Robots.txt state label in the Index Status
Fixed: Bulk editing was showing an undefined error on some setups
Fixed: Pagination was not working well on the Index Status page after selecting a filter

v3.0.8 March 9, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Google URL Inspection API Integration in our Analytics Module, now you can see current Index Staus, Earned Rich Results, Errors & Warnings from Google directly in your WordPress backend!
Improved: Made several code improvements
Fixed: MySQL error due to mismatch in Analytics table collations
Fixed: PHP error on some setup after connecting Analytics account

v3.0.7 February 23, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Dedicated Content Analysis tests for WooCommerce & EDD Products
Fixed: Google Analytics and Adsense data was not updating when updating the data manually from General Settings
Fixed: On non-English sites, wrong schema icons were shown on the Analytics page

v3.0.6 February 9, 2022
Improved: Plugin performance by removing duplicate queries
Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics Module that have made the plugin even FASTER and lighter
Fixed: Incompatibility with the WP Schema PRO plugin
Fixed: Sitemap was not showing the Images added in the ACF’s Flexible content field
Fixed: Bottom Center thumbnail overlay position was not working
Fixed: JS errors appearing on Analytics page for some installations

PRO v3.0.5-beta January 12, 2022
Improved: Affiliate links will now be treated as external across the website
Updated: German translations

v3.0.4 January 5, 2022
Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Now, the plugin folder is lighter than 450 KB
Improved: 404 Monitor’s export settings styling
Fixed: Video Schema was getting duplicated when Auto detect video option was enabled
Fixed: PHP Notice on bbPress pages
Fixed: Missing script dependency error on the Schema Templates pages

v3.0.3 December 22, 2021
Added: [NEW!] An option to filter Analytics data by post type in Site Analytics & SEO Performance tabs
Added: An option to add alternateName field in the FactCheck Schema
Improved: Auto-Import Focus Keywords in the Rank Tracker on new installations
Fixed: FactCheck Schema shortcode was not showing the ratings data
Fixed: Accessing Schema Templates using the Divi builder was crashing the editor
Fixed: Watermark Option for Social Sharing was not working on the server where allow_url_fopen is not enabled
Fixed: Importing custom schema in Schema Templates was failing when properties had @id
Fixed: Exclude Post Terms option was not removing the NewsArticle schema from new posts

v3.0.2 December 8, 2021
Added: You can now reorder the Focus Keywords by simply dragging them
Added: A filter to change the locations query, use rank_math/location_args filter to change the query args
Improved: Accuracy of pageviews data in the Analytics
Improved: Schema selection dropdown type in the RM Locations now shows only Local Business & None options
Fixed: Updating Posts was not working on some setups when Auto-Detect video option was enabled
Fixed: Importing custom schema was failing when properties had @id
Fixed: Bulk Editing Primary Category was not working for WooCommerce’s Product categories
Fixed: Schema Shortcode was not showing the Recipe data added in the PRO version
Fixed: Bulk Editing redirections for multiple URLs was not working
Fixed: Conflict with the ‘NextMove Thank You Page’ plugin
Fixed: Bulk editing the primary category of WooCommerce Products was failing

v3.0.1 November 24, 2021
Added: Rank Tracker will now show a notice text when there are no keywords present in that table
Improved: Optimized the code to get the variations data for WooCommerce Product schema
Improved: The priceValidUntil property. By default, the Product schema will show the date +1 year from the current year
Fixed: Hide bulk edit option if the user doesn’t have capabilities to Bulk edit the SEO data
Fixed: Local Business Schema was not honoring the Use 24h format option
Fixed: PHP warning in the plugin update routine file

v3.0.0 November 8, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Content AI – Your personal AI assistant
Improved: Updated the Russian translations
Fixed: On some setups, the link to edit post on Analytics page was broken

v2.19.0 October 27, 2021
Added: Italian translation
Improved: Multiple values can now be added in the @type property of custom schema in an array format
Fixed: Adding an & in the Publication Name field was preventing the News Sitemap from loading

v2.18.0 October 13, 2021
Fixed: Analytics AdSense was not showing any data
Fixed: Posts filtering was showing Schema option even when Schema module was not enabled on the site
Fixed: Trends comparison tool will now work only when the site is connected to the Rank Math account
Fixed: Unable to add more than 5 Focus keywords on Divi Builder
Fixed: On some setups, the Schema data added in the templates used to disappear in the Divi theme
Fixed: Adding & in the Publication name was preventing the News sitemap from loading

v2.17.1 October 3, 2021
Fixed: Some of the Schema types were missing in the SEO tab of Elementor Editor
Fixed: “Upgrade to PRO” notice was showing on some setups after updating the plugin

v2.17.0 September 29, 2021
Improved: Behavior of the Graph in the Rank Tracker
Improved: Added a dropdown to select a timeframe in the Rank Tracker
Fixed: SEO fields were missing from the Quick edit screen
Fixed: Bulk edit was throwing a fatal error
Fixed: data-schema-attribute was added to all the Classic Editor links even if about & mentions Schema option were not selected in the link popup
Fixed: Trends tool was not working on the Taxonomy & User profile pages
Fixed: Taxonomy & User Profile pages were showing the upgrade to PRO notice even when Rank Math PRO was active
Fixed: Even when the score of the PageSpeed was 100, the value was turning red as if it were a bad score

v2.16.0 September 17, 2021
Added: Graph in the Rank Tracker above the Keywords table
Added: Loading effect to the Analytics tables when data is being loaded
Added: You can now group the 404 logs in Advanced Mode by clicking on the Hit button
Fixed: The %filename% variable was not working well when it was added in the Caption field
Fixed: PHP error in the update routine file
Fixed: WooCommerce GTIN field alignment issue on screen 1440
Fixed: Trends tool was not showing any data when # was used in the keyword field
Fixed: Caption Format and Description format fields were always showing

v2.15.0 September 1, 2021
Improved: Replaced AdSense API v1.4 with v2.0
Improved: Labels on RM Locations Post Type
Improved: RM Locations & Schema templates will appear in the menu only when users have the rank_math_general capability
Improved: PRO plugin update button will now show only when an update of the free version is not available. It is always recommended to update the free version before the PRO version
Fixed: On RTL websites, the Add Keyword button was covering the keywords partially on the Rank Tracker page
Fixed: Trends data was not loading when there were more than 5 keywords
Fixed: Some CDATA was wrongly added in the page source on the frontend
Fixed: Pages created using the Divi builder was showing error on the frontend
Fixed: SEO data was not updating on some setups on taxonomy pages when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: Keywords added using the Keyword Tracker will now show in Rank Tracker instantly without needing to reload the page
Fixed: Bulk Editing was not showing all the SEO fields when multiple posts were selected
Fixed: Trends tool kept on showing Loading text for rare keywords with no popularity
Fixed: The isPartOf property added using Custom schema generator was getting removed from the Dataset schema
Fixed: Import schema using JSON code was not working when the imported schema had @type Service in the array
Fixed: Some values were getting removed from the imported schema data
Fixed: Adding Schema of the same type in the Schema Generator was not working
Fixed: Display condition to Include/Exclude Schema templates on the ‘Entire Site’ was not working 

v2.14.0 August 13, 2021
Added: Option to Auto-Add Focus Keywords in the Rank Tracker
Added: Spain to the list of available countries in the Analytics Data Import Option
Added: New variable randomword_np to show a non-persistent random word on each page load
Fixed: Import Meta Data using CSV option was showing error on some setup
Fixed: Page was not updating in Divi Page Builder when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
Fixed: Typo in the Dataset Schema field

v2.13.0 Jul 30, 2021
Added: Improved FAQ Block UX by adding reordering feature. Now you can easily change the question order without rewriting the whole Question & Answer
Improved: [HUGE!] Converted the Classic Editor metabox into React for better performance and code optimization, removed more than 5,000 lines of code from the plugin!
Fixed: Hovering over the position graph in the Analytics Pages was creating a scroll bar
Fixed: Google Trends icon was disappearing after updating the post in Firefox
Fixed: Analytics button was showing in the single posts even if the Analytics account was not connected
Fixed: isFamilyFriendly property in Video schema was showing wrong value
Fixed: Console errors on Customizer page in WordPress v5.8

v2.12.0 Jul 15, 2021
Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code

Rank Math Pro v2.12.0
Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code

v2.11.0 Jun 30, 2021 
Improved: [HUGE!] Made more huge code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Also, reduced the number of queries related to Rank Math on the Homepage and the Archive pages to improve performance further. Rank Math is indeed one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS
Improved: Video Schema Workflow
Improved: Even if you add regular video link of supported video services in the Embed field, Rank Math SEO will automatically convert that link into Embed URL and automatically fetch the data
Added: Support for Clip markup in the Video Schema
Added: The auto-detect Video feature now also adds the Video Title & Description automatically
Improved: After adding a video in the content and updating the post, Video Schema will now appear in the Schema tab of Rank Math without reloading the page
Improved: Description of Video Schema fields
Improved: Auto-Generated Video Schema now appears in the Schema tab after updating the post/page without reloading the post/page
Improved: Cookieless Analytics tracking feature on cached pages by improving the hashing formula
Fixed: Schema tab of Divi Builder was not opening on some setups
Fixed: Sitemap was showing a warning when the field type image was not in an array format in the ACF plugin
Removed: About & Mention Schema from the link search box of comment reply editor
Removed: Shortcode field from Schema generator of archive pages

v2.10.1 Jun 18, 2021
Fixed: Query Monitor plugin was showing missing script handler error in the Classic Editor
Fixed: PRO version was not being detected correctly in the Divi Frontend editor

v2.9.0 Jun 04, 2021
Added: [NEW!] [HUGE!] Introducing SEO Performance Reports via Email. Track monthly changes related to website traffic, impressions, total keywords & average position
Added: PRO users can choose email frequency between 15 or 30 Days. Business users can choose 7, 15, or 30 Days frequency for the email reporting
Added: Business plan users can whitelabel their email reports by adding their own logo, colors, and client email address/ID
Added: Business plan users can have full control over the email content. They can enable/disable each section, custom subject line, custom footer text, custom CSS, and much more. Read HERE to learn all about it
Improved: There will be no broken images showing up in the Video Sitemap if a video thumbnail is not set
Fixed: The News Sitemap settings to exclude terms were not showing all taxonomies data
Fixed: On some setups, the Sitemap was throwing an error when the ‘Include Image from ACF field’ option was enabled
Fixed: PRO version was getting disabled when the free version was getting updated using the Version Control


Download Rank Math Pro v3.0.10.1 + Free 1.0.87 Nulled – WordPress SEO Made Easy


Rank Math Pro Nulled is a very popular WordPress plugin for SEO optimization. You can use this plugin for your new blog or optimize your old blogs. You can download the latest Rank Math Nulled plugin from above given link. In the downloaded file you can find two plugins free and premium. In order to use install both plugins and activate.

If you found any trouble, you can comment below and if found working then share this with your friends.

I am Vivek, Full time blogger and freelancer having previous experience with HP, Lenovo, Reliance Digital. Danial Wellington and many more. I love to help new bloggers, who are strugglingly for premium stuff through my articles.


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