Start Making Money Online by Link Shortening Websites 2021 (Tested Techniques)

Start making money online is a very hot topic. If anyone want to start money making online then most of them start form blogging or YouTube. Main source of generating revenue is Google AdSense. 

Sometimes it is very difficult for new blogger to get approval from google AdSense. It takes some good number of articles and traffic.

Do you know, you can also generate some revenue from your blog without waiting for any approval? 

In this article we will discuss such method of generating revenue. We are going to talk about link shortening service and how can you generate revenue through it.

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What is link shortening? 

Link shortening is technique by which we can shrink a long URL into tiny form. (I.e. instead This process is very useful to hide the original URL of the website.

Some social media website like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook do not allow to post affiliate link on their platform. In this case these services will help. Two kind of link shortening services are available Free service and Paid service.

Free link shortening service is totally free to use. Anyone can use this to shrink there link free of cost. Paid link shortening service is also free to join. But they will pay according to the traffic driven by you on those short links.

How can drive drive traffic to the shorten link?

Link shortening is a very easy method of earning money. The task is how you can drive traffic to the links? Here we will talk about some technique by which you can get ton of traffic to your links. We can divide this technique in four categories.

Blogging: If you have a blog or website having some traffic. You can put your attachment or downloadable file to the shorten links. You can promote your blog by these shorten link instead of complete URL.

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Social Media: You can also drive some traffic to shorten link from your social media accounts. Suppose if you want to share some links of another website or news. You can also share them after shorting the original links. Every time anyone click on the link you will get paid for it.

YouTube: If you are a content creator or youtuber, you can also put some links to your YouTube video description. In some video description you can share your affiliate link of your camera, mic, device after shortening them. In this way you can make opportunity to get revenue double.

Scrap Method: Now suppose if you did not have any thing which I listed you can use my scrap technique. Personally I also start link shortening by this method to get some bucks.

In this technique we have to use free classified website.

In classified website just look for a job opportunities or online job. Now copy all the job description and title to the word file. Next step is to post same job position on free classified site. You have to post the job is same, but short the link of “Apply Job.”

This technique also helps you to drive country specific traffic. Your short link revenue also depends on which country traffic you have.

In some country you can get minimum $0.50 to maximum $$10. For 1000 views.

There are many websites available, Here I am listing 5 website which I personally used and still getting paid. You can also start earning by choosing one of them.

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