Two Indian Google Ex-employees developed a new Search Engine.

Two google ex-employees develop the new search engine.

Two google ex-employees develop the new search engine.
The brand new search engine also got the $40 million funding for his startup.
The search Engine’s name is Neeva. This search engine becomes popular because it is running without advertisement.
If we talk about user privacy, most users will prefer to use the DuckDuck search engine, which works well with Mozilla Firefox as an extension.
Mozilla Firefox has built-in cookies blocking feature which prevents third-party applications from capturing your data.

But Neeva is offering something new to its user that no other search engine offering.
Neeva is developed to run it without any advertisement.
According to Neeva CEO, the search engine is a primary way to online information. And we will provide you a clean platform to browse the internet without any disturbance and boring advertisement.

Developed by Google Ex-Employee

Two google employees develop Neeva Search Engine
Sridhar Ramaswamy is the CEO of Neeva; He helps google run the technical ad division for 15 years.

While Vivek Raghunathan was VP at youtube monetization, he also worked for 12 years with Google.

So that is clear that both have tremendous experience in the tech field. All their experiance they are putting into creating a new search engine.

They both are not alone If we talk about the team.
Udi Manber is also on the team, and he also has experiance with Amazon, Yahoo, and Google.
Margo Georgiadis is another member of the Neeva team. He was also a VP of Global sales operation.

Darin Fisher war previous VP of Google for the Engineering division.
Neeva HQ is just 3miles away from Google HQ and is situated in mountain views.

How Does Neeva survive without ad?

Traditionally all search engines are worked free of cost because they charge to advertizers and pay to publishers.
Google, Bing, and yahoo are also running on the same method.
Now, if Neeve removed all the ads, How can it be free for users?
They allow his user to buy a subscription plan which varies between 5 to 10 dollars.

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